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Virtual Reality
Paul Virilio
Operating System
On this Site you can find Proposals, Essays and a Dissertation, all written by Stefan Jäger.
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Mediatheory: A Postmodern Cosmology of Virtual Reality?
M.A.-Dissertation for Prof. Scott Lash
New Social Movement, the Media-Environment and Glocal Resistance - Essay for Tom Cahill
Paul Virilio: The Clairvoyant in the Age of Total Transparency
Essay for Prof. Scott Lash
The Paradox of Security in Information-Societies
Essay for Prof. Mick Dillon
Language, Ideology and Power  in the Age of Operating-Systems
Essay for Prof. Mick Dillon
and Dr. Norman Fairclough
A Social Science-Fiction on Electronic Identities
Essay for Dr. Celia Lury
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