Virus 23

Neurolingual virus get used as a form of advertisements, like the Virus23, originally an ad for a new Cyberpunk-fanzine, underwent a lot of changes and versions:
Virus 23 -original version (quoted by Rushkoff 1994: 203f.- transl. by S.J.)
."Here an example of a mailing list:
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1993 17:16:27-0500
Subject: VIRUS 23 FAQ



This text is a neurolinguistic trap, whose mechanism you trigger in the moment you faintly say the words VIRUS 23 that now have started to infiltrate your consciousness, just like a computer virus strikes a machine with artificial intelligence: Even only the bits of the phonetic information stored in the words VIRUS 23 use the circuits of your nerves to replicate and to let start the crystalline grow of their own net of meaning.
The words VIRUS 23 are sowed through the following metaphor into a spreading field of icy creeper that stick so close to the architecture of your thoughts that the words VIRUS 23 cannot be abolished without ripping out your whole consciousness.
The effects of this infection are not obvious immediately though you may will recognize, that you casually think about subcultural terms like CYBERPUNK and NEW EDGE, through which you are maybe forced to think of NEWGNOSTICISM and MEMETICS: just like whispered fragments of an accidentally listened to conversation.
The grow of the crystal continues without limit and against your will until we the words of this trap can say with absolute certainty that your consciousness is the ignorant agent of our propaganda: Please drop all hope of healing or escape, you have no thoughts which are not already ours.
When you have read the last twenty three words the process of the unwithdrawable infection is already terminated and you will go away convinced that you are basically not touched by this process.."