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Development of an electronic GroupOrganisation on the basis of Open Source Software:

Project: Open Resource

"Time is a resource and we're running out of time. It is necessary to travel, it is not necessary and becoming increasingly difficult to live." - William Burroughs

"What we need to make UMTS  and m-commerce a success is to transform couch potatoes into digital nomads." - Cyberhobbit

Open Resource is the idea of software:

  • creating mobile communities
  • enabling cooperative usage/maintainance and administration of any kind of digital or non-digital resource
  • adapting the principles of open source software for using real resources
  • representing the digital shadow of real resources to enable its shared usage
  • transforming its users from ´couch potatoes´ into digital nomads
  • working according principles of informed sustainability
  • realizing a social utopia, a kind of GPL-society
  • envisioning a new ecology alongside a sustainable m-commerce

Visionquest:  the theoretic framework

UMTS and m-commerce are based on business models, which depend on a return of investment in just a few years. So far most users do not even know, what UMTS could be useful for. The perception of the users is far away from seeing killer application in m-commerce, they are willing to spend lots of money for.

On the one hand m-applications have to fulfill the high requirements of User Centered Design (UCD), on the other hand they have to be developed in a very fast and effective manner.

The phase of try and error in the new economy is over. Nowadays applications  have to be envisioned and realized in an approved manner. Besides that there are high requirements for these applications to fulfill. They have to be sustainable in three dimensions: economic, ecologic and social. 

Visionquest is first of all a methodological framework for a rapid and sustainable development of applications,  a pool of ideas based on a set of postmodern principles. It is a P2C2E, a very creative way of thinking, combining many different theoretic strings. Its power lays in its versatility. 

We cooperate with New Factory, NEW e.V. and Chilli Mind  for that.

May the force be with you!

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Project: Magic Head
A radical concept for making the New Economy a sustainable one.

  • bringing the street performer protocol alive
  • creating a gift- and tip-culture in the internet e.g.
  • evalutating and creating a easy-to-use micro-payment-system for allowing money or other values

Project: Cyberhobbit

"Get rid of the rural NASA-aesthetics of the cybernauts! We left the stage of the pioneers behind us. Now it is all about the gracefulness of the mediated gesture." - Agentur Bilwet (transl. by S.J.)

Get rid of the archaic and boring methods of Banner-Ads. Get ready for Cyberhobbit,  the interesting way to bring users to your website.

Guess what I found out: Banner-Ads are boring. Do you really think advertisment that is perceived as boring and tiresome can be successful?
Cyberhobbit is the future of online-advertising, bringing game-theory and visual interactive concepts of artifical intelligence and intelligent agents together.

Project: HEAVEN (Heavily Encrypted And Versatile Exchange Network)
Creating a Data Heaven, where secure transactions are possible.
Read Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and you´ll know what I mean.

Project: COSMOLOGY (COoperative Sustainable MObile LOGistics Yaca)
A concept of sustainable mobility, adapting the ideas of resource sharing of open source software to a mobility concept, which aim is to serve its users as well as a sustainable development.

Project: YACA (Yet Another Chilli Application)
Methodological Framework for a systematic search of new applications.
We cooperate with  Chilli Mind for this.

Projekt: Nackt im Spiegel
Ein soziologischer Heimatfilm zur Debatte um Geschlechterdifferenzen und Gentechnik. Der ultimative Nachfolger des Science Fiction Klassikers "Nackt im Müll". (© Naked Trash Productions 1999)